Enterprise 2020 Summit: 16-17 November 2015

CSR Europe
Enterprise 2020 Summit: All members welcome!
As you may know, the Enterprise 2020 Summit is fast approaching. Many of your colleagues from the Network are actively contributing to shaping of the content and creating the dynamic; including
Albanian CSR Network, respACT, the Shift, FACE, IMS France, ORSE, Reseau Alliances, econsense, UPJ, CSR Hellas, BITC Ireland, Impronta Etica, Sodalitas, IMS Luxembourg, CSR Netherlands, RBF Poland, RBF Serbia, Pontis/Slovak BLF, Network for SR, Club de Excelencia, Foretica, CSR Sweden, Philias Foundation, CSR Turkey, BITC UK and CSR Ukraine.
Now that we confirmed the Vice President of the European Commission and several Commissioners to attend, we hope to demonstrate the power of the CSR networks throughout Europe together with you. The Summit is the place to exchange, learn and work together for more impact. That is why it is crucial to also have company representatives from Norway who can exemplify the great work they do.
CSR Norge members are welcome. When registering 5 or more people at the same time, a 25 per cent discount will apply to all participants registering as part of that group

Stavanger frokostmøte i juni

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IBM and CSR Europe’s new direction: What can we learn?


Torsdag 11. Juni 2015

0830 – 1000 (frokost fra 0800)

IBM, Forusparken 2, 4031 Stavanger

CSR Norge og IBM Norway presentere om:

  • CSR Manifesto – 2015 & European Strategy CSR 2020
  • Strategiske områder: «Skills for jobs» og «Sustainable living in cities»
  • Samarbeid mellom myndigheter og næringsliv for å fremme innovasjon, byutvikling og jobbskaping
  • IBMs rolle globalt i CSR

Åpen diskusjon og spørsmålsrunde: How collaborative efforts can go beyond compliance to create innovative solutions.

Innlegg og diskusjon vil foregå på norsk og engelsk

Meld deg på innen 5. Juni 2015  (begrenset antall plasser)


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